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How can we help you with Debridement? Watch the video to find out more ➡️

We wanted to make access to debridement easier and reduce the burden of weighing up cost versus improving outcomes, to introduce natural ingredients that support the healing process and give you the option of a a cloth that can be used for both mechanical debridement and cleansing.

How have we done that?

Working with our partners we’ve managed to deliver a unique debridement and cleansing cloth that can save you up to 60% compared other equivalent products. We use Sodium Hyaluronate, Phospholipid and Aloe Vera to support debridement and cleansing, natural ingredients, this is provided in a pre moistened cloth – a needle punch fibre textile in a 15 x 20 size.

A simple way to utilise debridement, a key component to wound healing. Make it easier to implement debridement in a cost effective way, whilst potentially saving up to 60% with a proven product.


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⬇️ Watch the video to find out more ⬇️