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This page will help you get the most out of EpiFix®

With in depth instructions, application guides and downloadable videos on how to, plus guidance on where EpiFix fits within your practice

For further help or assistance relating to any aspect of EpiFix or its use please contact us 01793 575050 or email: customerservice@regenmedical.co.uk

Introducing dHACM and EpiFix – an overview of the process

How to apply EpiFix®

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This short clip from a patient being treated by Leanne Atkin walks you through the preparation and application of EpiFix.

Bill Tettelbach at Wounds UK – an in-depth look at EpiFix®

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Watch the video to get a full and complete understanding of the application, science and evidence behind EpiFix.

Mid Yorkshire Patient story with Leanne and Tracy.

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How taking a different and clinically proven approach can change lives.

Understand how Amniotic Tissue has a place in wound healing

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With new technologies the question is often asked, where does it fit in? With the case of Amniotic Tissue and EpiFix® and to ensure the NHS gets best value for money this needs to be carefully considered. Find out here.