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An introduction to EpiProtect®

During this years BBA conference here in the UK, we launched EpiProtect, a new and innovative burn dressing from Sweden. Developed in conjunction with one of the major burns units in Sweden, EpiProtect is a unique take on cellulose with it’s patented structure Eiratex®.

Please take a look at the short video for a closer look at Epiprotect and to find out more about where it can be used.

A biosynthetic membrane for advanced wound healing

Epiprotect forms a cell free temporary epithelium that can replace the lost natural barrier of the skin, controlling the environment and keeping the tissue viable.

Epiprotect is transparent and has superior conformability, adhering and conforming to the wound. It is easy to apply and only one application is needed. Find out more by clicking here.

Case study example – Scald burn*

Fast and reliable healing with minimal time.

Epiprotect®2117 can be used to cover scald burns, acting as a temporary epithelium until the wound is healed. Superficial to mid dermal burns and wounds can self heal and current research shows that the best healing is given by moist healing. A wound that is cleaned and protected by a layer of Epiprotect®2117 will be given the best possible opportunity to heal fast with minimal scarring.

The dressing will integrate to the wound surface and stay attached until the wound is healed. When the wound is re-epithelized, the dressing will automatically dry out and fall off.

Epiprotect®2117 can be used to heal infected wounds if an anti-microbial treatment is applied and careful monitoring of the wound is exercised.

*Data on file.