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Part of the Joint Operations family

We are delighted to announce the launch of Regen Medical, a new and integral part of the Joint Operations family.

Our dedicated Regen Medical team was formed to continue the commitment from Joint Operations to support its customers within the Burns, Wound Healing, Plastic and Regenerative fields and to continue to build on the success and dedication that has been achieved to date.

The Regen Medical portfolio forms part of a collaborative process between clinical teams, hospital administration and industry partners. Like Joint Operations, Regen Medical has been founded to excel in one particular area; linking clinical teams working in UK hospitals with a network of progressive and innovative manufacturers to that are advancing the standard or care within the specific field of Regenerative Medicine.

Managing Director, Rob Lyon, has 22 years’ experience within the Medical Device Industry and is passionate about delivering the latest innovations in Regenerative Medicine.

Regen Medical will be distributing a ground-breaking product portfolio throughout the UK, including the following products:


EpiFix® is a minimally manipulated, dehydrated, non-viable cellular amniotic membrane allograft that contains multiple extracellular matrix proteins, growth factors, cytokines and other specialty proteins present in amniotic tissue to provide a barrier membrane that enhances healing. For more information on EpiFix® click here.

EpiFix® is manufactured by MiMedx, the global premier processor, marketer, and distributor of human amniotic tissue. MiMedx® has distributed over 1,000,000 amniotic tissue grafts worldwide and achieved profound clinical outcomes in multiple therapeutic areas including chronic wounds and Orthopaedic surgery. The Company’s proprietary PURION® Process dry preserves human amniotic membrane tissue, resulting in minimally manipulated tissue products that address numerous serious unmet medical needs requiring tissue regeneration or healing inside and outside the body. This unique process for dehydrating human amniotic tissues, improves clinical outcomes, increases patient quality of life, and reduces the financial burden to the healthcare system.


Epiprotect® uses Eiratex®, a material based on a biosynthetic polymer of sugar molecules offering unique properties such as superior conformability, transparency, strength and breathability. Epiprotect® forms a cell free temporary barrier that can replace lost epithelium, making it perfect for advanced wound care settings. Epiprotect® will not only cover the wound but also help the body to control the microenvironment, keeping tissue viable. It is a synthetic epithelium that is 100% free of human or animal products.

Epiprotect® is manufactured by S2 Medical, a Scandinavian company whose vision is to make high quality medical products available in every country, regardless of religion, culture or economy. For more information on Epiprotect® click here.

When asked to comment to comment on the launch of Regen Medical, Mr Lyon commented “I feel privileged to be able to work alongside some of the leading names in Burns surgery in the UK. Being involved in cutting edge, innovative solutions that change patient’s lives is humbling.”

Click here to explore the full Regen Medical product portfolio.