CLEANWND® – A ready-to-use cloth for effective debridement and cleansing

CLEANWND® can be used for effective debridement of wounds and for cleansing of any surrounding area eliminating flaky skin and keratosis. A non-woven, impregnated cloth with a solution of Sodium Hyaluronate and Phospholipids which is suitable for debridement and wound cleansing at every dressing change. CLEANWND® is manufactured by needle punch method and contains short fibres enabling it to collect wound debris easily during mechanical debridement without leaving any residual lint.

  • Ready to use – No other products needed for use. Impregnated/pre-moistened with a solution of Sodium Hyaluronate, Phospholipids and Aloe Vera
  • For acute and chronic wounds
  • Cleansing and debridement – A multipurpose cloth for use on debridement and the surrounding skin for conditions such as Keratosis
  • Simple and easy to use – Can be used any side and straight out of the packet
  • Cost effective – Large size, no preparation, proven to be effective and competitive price point
  • High acceptance rate with patients – Proven to be almost painless

How it works

CLEANWND® cloths are impregnated with sodium hyaluronate and phospholipids:

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a major component of the extracellular matrix of the skin and plays an important role in the metabolism of the dermis. It has a key position in wound healing and tissue repair processes owing to its ability to maintain a humid environment favorable to healing and the stimulation of growth factors, cellular constituents, and the migration of various cells essential for healing. ¹ Article in SKINmed 15(6):441-448 . December 2017

Phospholipid The Phospholipid in CLEANWND® acts as a surfactant to provide cleansing and also protection by replacing some of the phospholipid lost by the damaged and fragile tissue. A reduction in infection and increase in granulation tissue have been observed in pressure ulcers and venous leg ulcers when wound cleansing products containing phospholipids have been used in conjunction with standard wound care. ² The Turkish Anaesthesiology and Reanimation Association: Report Registration No: 638 Ref: 13FC7116 – DE69 – 4486 – 8A71 – B946A40E15DE 11 October 2011 Presentation Code: (P – 449)

Both play an integral part of supporting the effectiveness of CLEANWND® and providing proven debridement and cleansing.

CLEANWND® also contains Aloe Vera gel to aid with debridement and cleansing.


For cleansing/debridement of complex wounds such as:

– Diabetic foot ulcers
– Venous leg ulcers
– Pressure sores
– Complex wounds / Trauma wounds

Instructions for use

Open the packaging where indicated and extract the cloth. Use the cloth to cleanse and debride the wound. The CLEANWND® cloth doesn’t have a top or bottom side. Use one CLEANWND® cloth per wound to perform debridement. The CLEANWND® cloth is already impregnated, so no other cleaning fluids are needed to clean the wound. After use, please dispose the cloth as clinical waste.

CleanWnd product information

CleanWnd case series

CleanWnd case series

NPC Code Product Code Brand Description UOM Minimum Order Qty Shelf Life Leadtime
ELY944 2015A CleanWnd Debridement and cleansing cloth Box of 10 Contact for details Contact for details Same Day / Next Day Options 
ELY948 2015C CleanWnd Debridement and cleansing cloth Box of 20 Contact for details Contact for details Same Day / Next Day Options 


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