Curea Medical P2

Curea Medical P2

Curea P2 – Smart exudate management and better wound healing with a non adherent contact layer added

There is much more to absorption and effective wound healing when considering the management of exudate, the Curea range has SuperCore® a mixed fibre patented technology that handles all types of exudate in a clinically more effective manner. Curea offer an interesting alternative to foams.

  • A non adherent contact layer – Supporting use in the granulation phase and low exudate situations
  • For use with low, moderate to heavily exudating wounds
  • Great but not excessive absorption – Excessive absorption is has no clinical relevance and can he detrimental to wound healing
  • Core maintains its shape throughout – Thanks for Supercore and its mixed fibres exudate is managed evenly and doesn’t sag
  • All types of exudate – due to its mixture of natural fibres and polyacrylate P2 will absorb both high viscosity exudate (blood) and low viscosity exudate
  • Better absorption – less changing without it being detrimental to the patient and clinical outcomes
  • Higher retention of exudate – keeps a moist wound healing environment, reduces maceration
  • Binding of Bacteria and MMPs – reduced the risk of infection using the Supercore technology, a BTBS layer and wound contact layer help to bind exudate to ensure this


  • SuperCore®
    • 3D non-adherent wound contact layer with special capillary structure prevents wound adhesion.

    • Patented SuperCore® without adhesives and binders for high absorption and secure binding of excessive exudate, germs and blood.

    • A breathable, fluid-impermeable BTBS side creates a well-balanced wound healing environment and prevents contamination.

  • Intended for light to heavy exuding wounds with new granulation tissue, burns wounds, skin grafts, sensitive wound surfaces etc.

  • Minimised adherence to the wound and peri-wound

  • Will maintain shape throughout usage

  • Secure binding of excessive exudate by SuperCore®

  • High absorption even under compression

  • Reduced risk of wound maceration

  • Proven binding and reduction of germs and odour

  • Proven binding of whole blood

  • Integrated 3D wound distance grid to protect new granulation tissue

  • Breathable BTBS back side keeps the wound moist and prevents contamination

  • Printed back side for reduced risk of application errors

  • Wear time up to 7 days

Indication: Burns, Chronic, acute and iatrogenic wounds with low, moderate to heavy exudation.

P2 Brochure

Curea woundcare brochure

NPC Code Product Code Brand Description UOM Minimum Order Qty Shelf Life Leadtime
ELZ1276 P2-055075-10 Curea 5.5 x 7.5cm Box of 10 1 3 years Same Day / Next Day Options
ELZ1277 P2-100200-10 Curea 10 x 20cm Box of 10 1 3 years Same Day / Next Day Options
ELZ1286 P2-110110-10 Curea 11 x 11cm Box of 10 1 3 years Same Day / Next Day Options
ELZ1288 P2-150150-10 Curea 15 x 15cm Box of 10 1 3 years Same Day / Next Day Options
ELZ1280 P2-200200-10 Curea 20 x 20cm Box of 10 1 3 years Same Day / Next Day Options
ELZ1275 P2-200300-10 Curea 20 x 30cm Box of 10 1 3 years Same Day / Next Day Options
ELZ1282 P2-250550-10 Curea 25 x 55cm Box of 10 1 3 years Same Day / Next Day Options


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