Curea technology utilised in a sheet for the operating table, Areas with high fluid demands and patient transfers.

The new, intelligent curea 150 for operating tables and areas with high fluid demands, Curea150 table sheet provides a smart solution for daily routines in busy hospitals where fluid control is key. With its strong and tear-resistant backing, even heavy patients can be transferred safely to the operating table and back again.

During surgery Curea150 really performs in all areas: blood, exudates, urine and other fluids are quickly absorbed and safely locked away by the patented SuperCore® absorbent core.

This ensures that the patient remains dry and the floor remains clean and safe. The sheet ensures that the patient and staff as well as OR tables are protected from contamination.

For use in areas such as:

Surgery, HDU, ICU, Burns, A&E, Wards, Theatre and many more areas.

Outstanding features, all combined within Curea150:

  • Available in sterile and non-sterile version
  • Large absorption area (200 x 60 cm)
  • Reliable absorption and secure retention of fluids and germs*
  • Easy handling for patient transfer and repositioning
  • Breathable, fluid- and germimpermeable backside
  • Skin-friendly, smooth top surface
  • Dimensions: 210 x 80 cm
  • Maximum load capacity of 150 kg
  • Retains large amounts of fluids (e.g. 10l of distilled water)

Offering the following benefits:

  • Savings: excellent price/ performance ratio
  • Less waste: patients can be transferred and positioned with one sheet
  • Multifunctional: one sheet for a range of possible uses
  • Improved protection: proactive hygiene thanks to bacteria binding *
  • Improved hygiene: clinical hygiene in operating rooms


* Source: expert report from “Universitätsmedizin Göttingen” (University Medical Centre Göttingen), Department of Medical Microbiology, Accredited Analytical Laboratory and Consultation Center, Humboldtallee 34A, D-37073 Göttingen | Dr. med. U. Schmelz: Microbiological Validation of „curea P1“ from March 1st, 2011 or of „curea P2“ from May 25th, 2011.

Curea150 brochure

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