A synthetic allograft / xenograft substitute, for everyone

Epiprotect® is a synthetic epithelium that is 100% free from human or animal products, providing excellent conformability, transparency, strength and breathability.

Epiprotect® is made from a unique material called Eiratex® which is very conformable and can be efficiently used to treat burns. Epiprotect®2117 replaces the use of animal-derived products for burn care in a cost-effective way.

  • Adheres and conforms to the wound
  • Easy to apply and easy to cut
  • Near total transparency, easy monitoring
  • Moist wound healing
  • Allows the body to control the microenvironment
  • Collagen mimicking nanostructure
  • Replaces the need for animal or human tissue
  • Impermeable to bacteria
  • Haemostatic
  • One application on superficial burns/wounds
  • Breathable
  • Helps to stop and manage exudate
  • Fully compatible with antibiotics
  • Reduced pain

Epiprotect®2117 is indicated for patients with full and partial thickness burns.

Partial thickness and superficial burns – The product has a nanostructure similar to collagen. If the wound is not infected and not deeper than the depth of hair follicles, the protein secreted by the wound will penetrate into the nanostructure of the dressing and anchor it to the wound.

Full thickness burns – Epiprotect® behaves in a different manner for deeper burns. If the wound is deeper than the depth of the hair follicles, the dressing will not adhere and can be used to protect from bacteria from the outside and to keep a moist environment, acting as a temporary barrier.

A one-time application

Once Epiprotect®2117 is adhered to a superficial wound, it will stay in place until the wound is fully healed. During this time you will be able to monitor the wound.

Epiprotect®2117 comes in a glass vial filled with a storage solution.

EpiProtect® is ready to use straight out of the packaging.

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