The NEXA® Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) system has been developed to improve traditional, negative pressure therapy for mobile patients with chronic wounds and at the same time offer a recycling program to support being environmentally responsible.

It has been designed to offer a Disposable, Multi-patient, Clinically-effectiveAffordableSimple, and Environmentally-responsible NPWT.

  • One button operation for simplicity and ease of use
  • No audible alarm
  • 8 week operational life and approved for multiple patient use
  • 10 hours battery life and 4 hour recharge time
  • Lightweight and small, suited to mobile patients
  • Carry case supplied to enable mobile use of the system

What happens when there is a leak? Instead of shutting down, NEXA will continue to remove exudate! This is enabled by the new MERCURY platform.


With three new innovations in NPWT, NEXA® offers more opportunity to transition patients from hospital to the community and reduce the risk of further re-admission due to complications with their wounds:

The Mercury Pump (the green bit) – Nexa’s Dynamic Fluid Pump works by manipulating the outer walls of the tubing, eliminating the risk of fluid contaminating the unit internals. It runs continually, providing therapeutic negative pressure and continuous removal of both air & fluid from the wound site. Exudate can now be removed from the wound even in the event of a leak in the dressing, thereby reducing the potential risk of skin maceration.

A New Smart Flow Connector – The patent-protected SmartFlow™ Connector is located close to the wound. It maintains consistent negative pressure regardless of height variances between the device and dressing.

Ecopouch (a flexible canister) – Since Nexa does not use a traditional air pump to generate negative pressure, it doesn’t need a thick, bulky fluid canister to act as a manifold. The result? The Mercury platform enables fluid to be collected in a novel flexible canister, called an EcoPouch.

Simpler, less cost and less waste.

Visit the education page for more in-depth videos and instructions on NEXA.


As with all topical negative pressure, Nexa is not recommended for treatment of the following conditions:

  • Presence of necrotic tissue
  • Malignancy in wound
  • Untreated Osteomyelitis
  • Untreated malnutrition
  • Exposed arteries, veins, nerves, or organs
  • Use over anastomotic sites
  • Non-enteric and unexplored fistulas
  • Necrotic tissue with eschar

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