Portable, handheld electrospinning for wounds

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NEXA offers a novel and very effective way to treat burns and wounds. Using Electrospinning technology to apply a skin like matrix layer.

The first of its kind Spincare other many advantages for managing burns and wounds.

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These series of videos will help you navigate using SPINCARE, helping you to apply the matrix and use the device.

Short application video

Spincare full application video instructions

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A step by step guide to getting up and running quickly with SPINCARE.

Watch the quick guide for help setting up your device. 

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Frequently asked questions

What is Spincare’s intended use?

EU: The Spincare System is intended for the treatment of skin breaches such as superficial and partial thickness wounds, abrasions, superficial and partial thickness burns, donor site wounds, surgical incisions, after suture removal, skin tears, dermatological lesions.

What technology is used in the Spincare System?

Spincare is based on an electrospinning technology, embedded in a lightweight, portable wound care device. The Spincare technology uses a polymer solution to print a multi-layer fibrous matrix that mimics the structure of the extracellular body tissue (ECM).

What is the Spincare System?

The Spincare System is a personalized treatment option, coupled with a disposable, single patient sterile solution ampule, which enables quick and pain-reduced healing through real- time printing of a site-specific matrix directly onto a wound. Spincare utilizes proprietary Electrospun Healing Fiber (EHF™) technology to treat all forms of wounds, with a single application, eliminating the need for painful re-dressings.

What is the Spincare Matrix?

The Spincare matrix is a fibrous matrix printed directly onto a patient’s wound that bio-mimics the structure of natural skin, providing a transparent protective physical barrier, allowing for easy monitoring of the healing process while reducing risk of infection. It serves as a temporary skin layer until the full healing of the wound. It peels off spontaneously when the wound is healed.

What are the benefits of Spincare for patients?
  • No contact one-time application which reduces risk for infection
  • Excellent adherence to the wound even in hard to dress contours
  • No painful redressing
  • Mobility is not impaired
  • Excellent healing quality
  • Allows for early showers 24-48 hours post application
  • Increased quality of life
What are the benefits of Spincare for the medical staff?
  • Simple, easy application
  • Significantly increase efficiency to medical staff
  • No contact one-time application which reduces risk for cross- infection
  • Cost effective and reduced financial burden
  • Fully personalized and tailored to patient condition, wound size, and geometry
  • Transparent for easy monitoring of the healing progress
  • Reduced risk of infection
  • No need for pre-planning or holding large stocks of various sizes and shapes
  • Reduced workload for normally overworked
Are there advantages over commonly used wound dressings?

The advantages of Spincare over common wound dressings are listed above; patients are spared the pain of the initial dressing and repeated changes of dressings; physicians will be able to view and interact with the wound through the transparent matrix; patients have a greater ability to accomplish activities of daily living, can take regular showers and restore their quality of life.

Is it possible to inspect the wound after Spincare has been applied?

Yes, shortly after the Spincare matrix has been printed, it becomes transparent and thus allows wound assessment through the matrix.

How is the matrix removed if needed?

There is no need to remove the matrix; it peels off naturally when the wound is healed underneath. Should there be a clinical need to remove it, it can be done by soaking and gently pulling it off.

Can Spincare matrix be re-applied?

If needed, yes. Make sure the wound is clean and remove any loose residues.

Can Spincare be used on highly exuding wounds?

Yes. In such cases you can either wait 24 hours before printing the Spincare matrix or use a secondary absorbent layer during the first few days. Make sure that the secondary dressing does not stick to the matrix by changing it frequently or by using a non-stick silicon layer – such as Mepitel, and an absorbent layer above – for the first few days, then leave open.

What do I do if the wound becomes infected?

Treat the wound according to hospital standard of care. Sterile wash, antimicrobial solution, or any other treatments can be applied over the matrix without removing it.

Can the Spincare matrix be used on a deep wound?

Spincare is intended for superficial to intermediate and partial thickness wounds.

Can the Spincare matrix be used on areas that are subjected to a lot of friction?

There is a risk that the matrix might be peeled off due to the friction. In these cases, it is recommended to use a secondary dressing for the first days.

How long will the matrix remain on the wound?

Normally until healing and full epithelialization of the wound. At this point, the matrix peels off naturally.

How do I know when I have applied enough Spincare matrix?

As soon as a whitish matrix is visible the wound is covered. Make sure that all the edges of the wound are well covered.

Is it possible to use topical treatments such as antibiotic or creams prior to application of Spincare?

No. Greasy ointments can prevent the matrix from attaching to the wound.

Can I print the Spincare matrix on a bleeding wound?

Yes, for wounds with controlled bleeding such as donor site wounds, post debridement etc.

What is the Spincare matrix solution made of and does it contain any biological components?

The Spincare solution is a biocompatible polymer-based solution with no biological components.

How long is the application time?

The Spincare System is highly efficient and the length of the procedure depends on the size of the wound. It does not normally take more than a few minutes. No cutting, trimming, patching or fixation are needed.

How robust is the Spincare matrix, and can it accidentally rub off while the wound is still healing?

The material is robust enough and will not detach itself unless you purposely rub it with force. If there is a risk that the matrix might be peeled off due to substantial friction it is recommended to use a secondary dressing.

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