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The debate on Skin Substitutes

There is no doubt that there is further debate to be had on wound care versus wound healing

The use of skin substitutes including ECMs (extracellular matrix) offers up some bigger questions and begs for further debate, this webinar offers an exceptional look at the best practice of using these devices but also raises the question of:

When should we be using these? Or, as suggested by Professor Steven Jeffery during the webinar; when would you not use skin substitutes? The webinar raises the debate on whether it is better to use such devices earlier in order to get wounds closed quicker.

For the UK wound care community it offers a real chance to rebalance some of the challenges we are facing with non-healing wounds, a chance to tip the scales from manufacturer led care pathways that encourage the use of products that are fundamentally designed for wound management and not wound healing.

The panel offer a number of interesting comments on the marketplace and some suggestions on the status quo in ‘wound management’ (you can listen to this at 23.30 minutes in on the webinar). 

The use of these skin substitutes and ECMs have been proven all over the globe to make a significant impact on healing rates and the cost of care. They provide real opportunities to support the great work being carried out by clinicians to help patients and provide another option on the wound healing care pathway.

“One thing’s for sure. If we keep doing what we’re doing, we’re going to keep getting what we’re getting. One definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing and expect different results.” – Stephen Covey

The discussion throughout this webinar is supported by the ongoing conversation around the consensus paper on hard to heal wounds? Implementing TIMERS: the race against hard-to-heal wounds. This document lays out a clear and realistic method to utilise and further implement skin substitute/ECM in a clear and practical way.

To see how EpiFix fits in with this principle and pathway click here. The EpiFix blog runs through implementing TIMERS and the use of EpiFix to help support further options for you and the patient on the wound healing journey.

About This Webinar

Skin substitutes (SS) can be a vital adjunct to standard of care for achieving wound closure in acute and chronic wounds. However, the variety of SS categories available and their very high unit cost, often complicated by reimbursement requirements, can make selection challenging, as the physician needs to be able to determine which SS will be both clinically effective and cost-effective for individual patient needs.

In this online masterclass, a select group of KOL physicians will debate how to make good SS selection decisions and then quiz manufacturers/suppliers as to when and why they should use their products.

The masterclass will comprise two parts. The first will be a discussion among key opinion leaders identifying the main challenges relating to the selection of a clinically effective and cost-effective skin substitute (SS) and how they deal with this in their practice. The second part will be a Q&A section, in which the KOLs will ask various manufacturers/suppliers of SSs how they can get the best use out of their product.

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