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An opportunity to take an early look at a new pilot series looking at EpiProtect and Nexobrid in Paediatrics

A final version is yet to be published but we get a chance to look at an interesting study from Giancarlo and Alessandro Borgognone in Italy.


• A biosynthetic wound dressing, Epiprotect®, has been used for the first time after debridement with NexoBridTM on pediatric patients.• Scar assessment in those patients was considered as positive with an objective evaluation.• The combination of enzymatic debridement and Epiprotect® was feasible, and could prove to be more cost-effective than SOC, due to reduced resource utilization (anesthesia, surgery, dressing changes etc).

Whilst the study warrants further investigation is demonstrates for the first time the efficacy of Epiprotect® to heal paediatric burn wounds after enzymatic debridement. The pilot studies initial experience is positive warrants further trials.

They also outline that the use of NexoBridTM in paediatric patients has not been fully explored, and is still currently considered as “off-label” use for FDA.

Click here for the online publication and abstract