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Placental Based Allografts – On Demand series

Accredited on-demand webcast series

A 3 session on demand webcast looking at womb to wound, how the science can guide and optimising outcomes.

Placental Based Allograft in Surgical Procedures

An accredited on-demand webcast series

Clinical practice recommendations on the use of placental based allograft for limb salvage.

Previous webinars and events

On-demand recorded e-learning and surgical videos in Regen Medical  

Edudate management: Time to rethink and change the narrative?

Round table discussion at EWMA 2021.

Do you agree with Amit?

PRODUCT LIVE from WCT 2021 – Endoform: Stop managing, start healing.

Join live as Alison Schofield and Elaine Thompson discuss ‘Endoform: Stop managing, start healing’, supported by Regen Medical.

PRODUCT LIVE from WCT 2021 – #AOne: Shifting resources to support better wound healing’

Join live as Alison Schofield and Kathy Thompson discuss ‘#AOne: Shifting resources to support better wound healing’, supported by Regen Medical Ltd.

Endoform – Advanced Extra Cellular Matrix Technology – A TVS webinar

For the treatment of acute and chronic wounds, a webinar brought to you by Regen Medical and the TVS, a Scientific Symposium TVS 2021 looking at the impact of Endoform on closing wounds and a deep dive into understanding how this cost effective technology can play a major part in closing wounds.

CUREA – Exudate Management: time to rethink and change the narrative

A TVS scientific Symposium from the 2021 TVS conference. A conversation on better ways to manage exudate and asking the question about better alternatives to foams – A deep dive into the CUREA technology and it’s clear advanced over super absorbents and traditional foams.

Woundcare in crisis with Huddesfield University

Stop Managing and Start Healing with Professor Karen Ousey and Dr Leanne Atkin

Professor Karen Ousey and Dr Leanne Atkin discuss with Bill Tettlebach as guest the situation in the UK around what is a growing crisis in woundcare, hosted by the University of Huddesfield they tackle some challenging issues.

The largest study in paediatrics: EpiProtect

The use of a cellulose based skin substitute

We discuss with Andrea Cronshaw from Nottingham University Paediatric burns their use of EpiProtect. We look at the impact on patients, how their practice has changed and the practical tip they have picked up from treating over 100 patients successfully.

Using Hypochlorous in chronic paediatric wounds

A patient perspective with Laura Bennett

We discuss with Laura Bennett how their initial experience using Nexodyn Hypochlorous has impacted the patient and family when treating chronic paediatric wounds.

How I use Spincare in my practice

Meet European experts discussing.

If you missed our new webinar titled – ‘How I use Spincare in my practice? – Meet European Experts’, click here to catch up.

The Family Oops Book – Facebook live

Lessons for parents on burn prevention and burns first aid at home with Krissie Stiles

Rob Lyon is discussing the importance of prevention and first aid with the author of the Family Oops book

JWC Master Class – on Skin Substitutes

EpiFix and Spincare debated 

Key opinion leaders discussing the use and challenges of implementing a Skin Substitute with the JWC

Wounds Week – Sylvie Hampton and NEXA

NEXA – Wounds Week 

Sylvie Hampton shares her experience with the JWC team and discusses Negative Pressure and NEXA.


Dr Katrin Kuehler – Director of R&D and Curea discusses wound management

An extract from the EWMA 2020 conference looking at why exudate management is more important and demonstrates how we tackle it better.


Recommendations for wound management in Covid times and beyond.

A virtual sympsium EWMA 2020 with Prof Dr Sebastian Probst, Dr Kirsi Isoherranen and Dr Katrin Kuhler discuss

Wounds UK – DFU and EPIFIX

Bill Tettelbach at Wounds UK November 2018 – Dehydrated Human Amnion/Chorion Membrane – A discussion on the use of DHACM allografts in non healing and chronic wounds, an in-depth review of the evidence and case studies.

Making Hard Easy: Spincare – a New Alternative for Wound Care Treatment

Watch Dr. Alexandra Schultz, an expert in wound care, as she digs into the electrospinning technology, explains how she has incorporated it in everyday
procedures, especially hard-to-dress areas and how she sees its future.

The Clinical Learning Curve Using Spincare in a New Clinical Setting (With Prof. Jan Plock)

“Nanomedic represents a breakthrough for effectively treating burns, chronic and surgical wounds, providing an easy-to-use solution that enables rapid healing and minimal scarring,” said Prof. Jan Plock, MD.

Epiprotect international Webinar on Paediatric Burns

Epiprotect in Paediatrics and how EpiProtect compares to EZ-DERM

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